Bold Strategy Marketing is founded on the principle that every entrepreneur's effort deserves time and financial rewards. With the strength of AI and a robust social media strategy, we focus on building lasting relationships and elevating your brand to a legacy.

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Automated Workflows


Instead of YOU taking the time to write and send out emails to your mailing list or leads, we can automate emails to be sent on a schedule, at specified times (such as 3 weeks after their last appointment or a few days before their event), immediately upon someone submitting their information to your website or booking funnel, or even a specified amount of days before a special day for your customer.

Our software knows the life changes and special events for social media users... so when someone starts a new position, retires, gets engaged, or when it is someone's anniversary, birthday or even their spouse or mother's birthday. We can send them advertisements for your business at just the right times.

We generate the emails and send them, after you've had an opportunity to proof-read them if you would like. It takes little to no work on your end!

Automated Workflows

SMS Messaging

Automated SMS messaging can be sent to your leads, customers or clients on a regular schedule as well or at any frequency, as reminders or immediately upon them providing their information. We can set up automated workflows that will text immediately, then in "X" amount of days if there is no response, and continue with whatever pattern you prefer, with a different message for each SMS message.

This is a good way to keep people engaged and reach out to potential leads with new promotions or information about your business. We can make the messages and send them to you to proof read prior to sending if you prefer, which would be the most amount of work you would need to put in to having this service in place.

Imagine being able to routinely text everyone on your "mailing list" without having to do any work at all!

AI - Generated Media

We use cutting edge AI technology to create royalty-free media for your ads and sites. This saves money and provides the comfort in knowing that your content has been created, instead of "borrowed" from another source, and is unique.


Royalty-free AI Generated Images

The possibilities are unlimited.

The images can be as realistic or vibrant as you would like.

We generate images that nobody else has (or owns) specifically for your ads and to meet your needs and audience preferences.

Royalty-Free Custom Music

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These are the most basic of the AI Actors. We are able to make more natural and realistic ones and all can read a script as long or as short as you would like to increase traffic to your ads.

Sample One

Sample Two

Sample Three

Sample Four

Sample Five

AI & Research

We use software that can tell us what topics are trending to help us make ads that are relevant in real-time and software that compiles a list of the most frequently asked questions about your niche or products.

We use AI to research search trends in the last 24 hours or on days of specific events. We can use this information to know what people look for during certain times, such as around Superbowl or holidays and advertise accordingly...


Use it to make an ad that will catch more attention AFTER an event, such as an ad saying something related to Dolly Parton or fantasy football to capture more attention.

We also research the most frequently asked questions and concerns about businesses. This is useful, for example, if you are a restaurant owner during a change in season or while there is news of an increased cases of a certain virus.

People may be asking if restaurants are serving a trending cocktail or food or if they are increasing their cleaning efforts.

Real-time Data, Retargeting & Smart Advertising

Imagine you own a shop, and you want to know what customers do when they visit. In the digital world, a "meta pixel" is like a tiny, invisible helper on your website. It's a small piece of code that you can't see, but it's very important. When someone visits your website, this helper takes notes on what they look at or click on. It's like keeping a diary of what visitors do on your site.

Social Media Advertising Retargeting:

Now, let's talk about "retargeting." Suppose some customers come to your shop (which is your website or ad), look at some items, but don't buy anything and leave. Later, when they're reading the newspaper or watching TV, you show them an ad about your shop (or your ad pops up again on their social media feed), reminding them of what they liked. This is what retargeting does, but in the online world.

When people visit your website, the meta pixel remembers them. Then, when they go on social media like Facebook or Instagram, it tells those platforms, "Hey, this person visited my website and looked at these things." So, when you create ads on social media, you can choose to show them specifically to these visitors. It's like sending a personalized reminder or invitation to come back and take another look, or maybe make a purchase, reservation or appointment this time.

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