Welcome to Bold Strategy Marketing – The Brainchild of Jeremy & Jennifer Pitcher

In the dynamic world of marketing, it takes more than just strategies; it takes a bold vision. This is where we, Jeremy and Jennifer Pitcher, step in as your dedicated co-owners and marketing maestros at Bold Strategy Marketing. Our journey into the realm of marketing was born out of a genuine passion and a relentless pursuit of expertise, initially sparked by our quest to elevate our own personal businesses.

Our Story: From Learning to Leading

Our adventure began with an insatiable thirst for knowledge in the latest marketing and advertising strategies, particularly in the fascinating field of AI Marketing. What started as a mission to enhance our own ventures quickly transformed into a full-fledged passion. As we delved deeper, applying innovative strategies to not only our businesses but also assisting friends, it became clear – we had a knack for this, and more importantly, we loved it!

With a combined experience of over 35 years in business management and over 50 years in customer service, our backgrounds are as diverse as they are rich. From healthcare to fine dining restaurants, from launching start-ups to providing business consulting, our journey has been nothing short of diverse and enlightening. This eclectic mix of experiences has been our cornerstone in understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of entrepreneurs.

More Than Just Marketing Experts

But we are more than just marketing experts. At our core, we are community builders, avid travelers, family-oriented individuals, food enthusiasts, gardening aficionados, and proud parents to our two adorable dogs, Diesel and Roxy. These personal passions reflect in our work ethic – we believe in creating not just successful campaigns, but also nurturing lasting relationships.

Our Vision for You

Our goal at Bold Strategy Marketing is simple yet profound – to be your personal marketing geniuses. We are not just about increasing your ROI; we are about transforming your entrepreneurial dreams into enduring legacies. We understand that time and financial freedom are paramount. That's why we are dedicated to representing a select group of entrepreneurs, focusing on growing your business, and granting you the freedom you deserve.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we offer real-time insights into how your marketing efforts are paying off. Our vision is to keep your business thriving, enabling you to hire competent help, and grow independently, without the constant need for owner supervision.

Let's Make Your Dreams a Reality

Our approach is friendly, professional, and approachable. We believe in building trust, understanding your unique needs, and delivering results that speak for themselves. At Bold Strategy Marketing, your business aspirations are in capable hands. Let us be the architects of your success, helping you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marketing with ease and expertise.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Ready to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality? Let's talk. With Jeremy and Jennifer Pitcher at the helm, your journey towards time and financial freedom starts today.

Welcome to Bold Strategy Marketing – Where Your Business Dreams Take Flight.

We help business owners build their brand & elevate their social media presence

Welcome to Bold Strategy Marketing LLC, your premier partner in AI-driven marketing and advertising solutions! We are an exciting company that works with clients nationwide, specializing in customizing social media marketing, automating customer engagement, and precisely targeting specific audiences to fulfill your unique business objectives.


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